Anatomical Bridles

Why use an anatomical bridle?

Why use an anatomical bridle

So I’m sure by now the topic of anatomical bridles has popped up in the tack room or you’ve seen them popping up everywhere whilst out competing but if your wondering why use an anatomical bridle? Hopefully we can explain the functions, purpose and how it can benefit your horse.

So first of all, What is an Anatomical Bridle?

Anatomical Bridles are designed and cut to be a specific shape to help prevent pressure on a horse’s facial nerves. They promote the horses wellbeing and happiness, allowing them to have more comfort and natural movement in their face.

Anatomical bridles have been created specifically with the horses’ anatomy in mind. This means that Anatomical Bridles have been designed, cut and crafted to a specific shape to relieve pressure on the face and promote the horse’s wellbeing, happiness, movement, and ultimately their performance.

Finding the best bridle for your horse and getting the correct fit can have huge benefits. An anatomical bridle can promote the horse’s wellbeing by ensuring they are free from discomfort or pain. This is turn will lead to your horse being happier when ridden, can positively affect their movement, and this will ultimately lead to your horse being able to perform at their best.

how do anatomical bridles work?


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