Anatomical Bridles

How does an anatomical bridle work?

How does an anatomical bridle work

So we’ve covered the why use an anatomical bridle question and now we are going to take you a little deeper and go in to how anatomicals bridles work, and what benefits you should see when using one.

So, How does an anatomical bridle work?

Anatomical or comfort bridles as they are sometimes referred to work by taking specific points of your horse’s anatomy into consideration, and coming up with a design that works in the best way possible with this anatomy. There are several different areas on the horse’s face where anatomical bridle design differs from traditional bridle design in order to promote comfort and relieve pressure.

For example an anatomical bridle may feature a wide, padded and cut back head piece – these are specifically designed to allow your horse full range of movement and reduction of pressure around their ears. Another is lowered or contoured cheekpieces, which allow your horse their full field of vision, and also sit away from the sensitive facial nerve.

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